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BeHobbyist: Connect, Discover, and Shop With Like-Minded Hobbyists Near You!

Welcome to BeHobbiyst – Where Like-Minded Souls Meet Nearby! Embrace Your Hobbies, Join or Make Communities, and shop products tailored to your passion. By Becoming a Part of Vibrant Communities, You Can Gain Knowledge from Hobby Experts and Form Genuine Bonds with People of Shared Interests.

Influencer or Company? Join our Community Manager for FREE

At BeHobbyist, you can step into the role of a Community Manager for your peers and followers. Whether you’re an Influencer or a Company, our platform offers a range of incredible backend features.


You’ll enjoy hassle-free sign-up options and access to an intuitive Admin panel that lets you effortlessly oversee your entire community. From sending notifications and engaging with your members to conducting surveys and facilitating meaningful group discussions – we’ve got you covered.

And that’s not all. You can also seamlessly bring your products onto BeHobbyist with a 360-degree E-commerce view. Plus, you’ll have full control over managing your purchases and crafting enticing offers.

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With our App, you can join communities, have enriching conversations, and team up to pursue your passions, leading to a more fulfilling life.
And guess what? You can also share short videos and reels with your buddies and enjoy a full shopping experience using our 360 E-commerce platform.
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What's in for the Community Managers?

What's in it for
the USERS?

Your Community, Your Advantages: Enjoy Special Benefits Unlike Any Other!

Join Niche Communities with BeHobbyist! We Enable You to Create Communities and Join Exclusive Groups Centered around Unique Interests and Hobbies! Make Your Own Community, Attend Events, And Find Local Groups On Behobbyist!

Behobbyist Comunity Bonds - We Connect with your people

BeHobbyist is Your Gateway to Growth and Effortless Shopping! With Our Trusted Platform, Users and Community Managers Enjoy Peace of Mind as they Expand Connections and Shop with Confidence!


BeHobbyist’s Business Plans to Connect Companies and Influencers Across Industries. We offer customized features to promote your community through our app and gain advantages in community management, user testing, online marketing, and special offers.


BeHobbyist offers a trusted platform for all Companies and Influencers as Community Managers! With us, you can confidently bring your large community on board, knowing security is our top priority. Manage and expand your communities easily within a safe and nurturing environment!

Find Your People!

BeHobbyist provides a close-knit and connected environment allowing users, companies, and influencers to interact closely with like-minded individuals, forming supportive relationships. Let’s create an engaging space for Users and expand the network for Community Managers! 

Get to Know What Our Clients Have to Say About BeHobbyist!

“BeHobbyist fueled my love for gardening like never before. As a community manager, I organized plant swaps, shared gardening hacks, and saw my network bloom. This turned my hobby into a community of green thumbs!”

“I love hiking, and finding fellow hikers has been my mission wherever I go. I joined Behobbyist and connected with like-minded people near me. We are now exploring new heights regularly.”

“BeHobbyist has changed my cooking journey! I’ve learned unique techniques on the app, tried new cuisines, and even taken virtual cooking classes. “It’s like having a team of experienced chefs guiding me every step of the way.”

Join BeHobbyist to Expand Your Circle and Shop Confidently! Find a Community That Feels Like Home, Make New Memories, and Connect with People Who Share Your Interests!